Soak 5 Cloves of Garlic in a Jar Full of Water: Why Many People Do It

Garlic, a beloved ingredient in kitchens worldwide, has been utilized for centuries not only for its culinary contributions but also for its remarkable medicinal properties. While most people are familiar with garlic as a flavor enhancer, there’s a lesser-known yet highly effective method of harnessing its benefits: soaking garlic cloves in water. This practice, simple as it may seem, offers a multitude of advantages that range from gardening aids to health boosters. Let’s delve into why soaking five cloves of garlic in a jar full of water is a technique that many people swear by and how you can incorporate it into your routine.

Introduction to Soaking Garlic Cloves in Water

Soaking garlic in water is an age-old practice that can be traced back to various cultures where garlic’s natural properties have been revered. This method enhances the availability of beneficial compounds in garlic, making them more accessible for use in various applications. Whether you are looking to support your garden’s health, improve your well-being, or seek natural remedies, this simple technique can offer significant benefits.

The Benefits of Soaking Garlic Cloves in Water

1. Natural Pesticide for Gardening

Garlic water acts as an excellent natural pesticide. Its pungent smell and potent compounds deter pests from attacking plants. Here’s how it works:

  • Repelling Insects: The sulfur compounds in garlic emit a strong odor that repels insects like aphids, beetles, and caterpillars.
  • Fungicidal Properties: Garlic water helps prevent fungal infections in plants. It can be particularly effective against powdery mildew and other common plant diseases.

2. Boosting Plant Health

Soaking garlic cloves in water creates a solution rich in nutrients that can enhance plant growth:

  • Natural Fertilizer: Garlic water contains essential minerals that can improve soil fertility and plant vigor.
  • Root Development: It promotes stronger root development, which in turn helps plants absorb more nutrients and water from the soil.

3. Health Benefits

Garlic is renowned for its health benefits, and soaking it in water can make these benefits more readily available:

  • Immune System Support: Drinking garlic-infused water can boost your immune system, helping your body fight off infections more effectively.
  • Digestive Health: Garlic water can aid in digestion by promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Regular consumption of garlic water can reduce inflammation in the body, which is beneficial for conditions like arthritis.

4. Natural Cleaning Solution

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic make it an effective natural cleaning agent:

  • Disinfectant: Use garlic water to clean surfaces and disinfect your home without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Deodorizer: Its strong smell can neutralize unpleasant odors, making it a great natural deodorizer for your home.

How to Prepare Garlic Water

Follow these steps to prepare your garlic-infused water:

Step 1: Select Fresh Garlic

Choose five fresh, firm garlic cloves. Fresh garlic ensures maximum potency and effectiveness. Avoid using garlic that is soft, sprouting, or showing signs of mold.

Step 2: Peel the Garlic

Remove the outer skin from the garlic cloves. This step helps release the beneficial compounds more effectively. You can use a knife to gently crush the cloves, making peeling easier.

Step 3: Prepare a Jar

Find a clean jar with a lid. A mason jar or any glass jar with a tight-fitting lid works perfectly for this purpose. Ensure the jar is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to prevent contamination.

Step 4: Add Water

Fill the jar with water, leaving some space at the top to avoid overflow when adding garlic. Distilled or filtered water is preferable to tap water, which may contain chlorine or other chemicals that could interfere with the process.

Step 5: Soak the Garlic

Place the peeled garlic cloves in the jar. Seal the jar with the lid and let it sit for at least 24 hours. For stronger results, you can let it soak for up to 48 hours. The longer the garlic soaks, the more potent the infusion will be.

Step 6: Use the Garlic Water

After soaking, your garlic-infused water is ready to use. You can strain the garlic cloves out or leave them in the jar. The garlic water can be used in several ways, depending on your needs.

Applications of Garlic Water

For Gardening

  • Pesticide Spray: Fill a spray bottle with garlic water and spray it on your plants to deter pests. Apply it early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid leaf burn from the sun.
  • Soil Drench: Pour garlic water directly into the soil around your plants to boost root health and prevent soil-borne diseases.

For Health

  • Immune Booster: Drink a small amount of garlic water daily to enhance your immune system. You can mix it with other juices or water to dilute the taste if it is too strong.
  • Digestive Aid: Consume garlic water to improve digestion and reduce bloating. It is best taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

For Cleaning

  • Surface Cleaner: Use garlic water to wipe down kitchen counters, cutting boards, and other surfaces to kill bacteria and mold.
  • Deodorizer: Place a bowl of garlic water in areas with strong odors, like the kitchen or bathroom, to help neutralize unpleasant smells.


Soaking garlic cloves in a jar full of water is a simple yet powerful technique that can offer numerous benefits. From acting as a natural pesticide and fertilizer for your garden to boosting your immune system and serving as a natural cleaning agent, garlic water is a versatile solution that harnesses the potent properties of garlic.

By incorporating this practice into your daily routine, you can enjoy the myriad advantages that garlic has to offer. So why not give it a try? Start soaking garlic cloves today and experience the remarkable benefits for yourself.

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